Hiring & Recruiting

How a Recruitment Agency Works

Hiring has become increasingly difficult across a variety of industries, between the lack of qualified candidates and the cost of recruiting, many positions are staying unfilled.  Recruitment agencies are there to fill the gap and make hiring better for businesses and candidates.

What is a Recruitment Agency?

Simply put, a recruitment agency is there to find companies the right talent to fill vacant positions.  Recruiting is expensive and time-consuming and for companies that don’t have a dedicated HR department spending that time and money simply isn’t feasible.  That’s where a recruitment agency comes into play.

How Recruitment Agencies Work

A recruitment agency should never be confused with an employment agency.  Recruitment agencies focus on finding permanent employees typically at the executive level or with very specialized skills, think of engineers and software developers.

While there may be slight differences in processes most agencies work the same way.  You will come to an agreement on your new hire and how long they need to be employed to consider the agreement satisfied. (more…)