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Every month the REBEL Dietitians will address your burning health and nutrition related questions, and help your break free from Diet Prison, showing you how can achieve optimal health and happiness in a fun, rebellious way.

Registered Dietitians Kait Fortunato, Dana Magee and Rebecca Bitzer want to help digest all the nutrition research out there and provide you with practical advice based on their popular workbook, Taste the Sweet REBELLION: REBEL Against Dieting Workbook .

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Rice Bowls: Four Ways
By Kaitlin Williams, MPH, RD, LD

Sometimes I just want to eat rice for every meal. Rice is so yummy! It is a staple in many different cuisines and when paired with protein and veggies, it is part of a well-balanced meal. Shocking, right? Rice is not the enemy, people. I’m here to help you and rice kiss-and-makeup because rice bowls are too delicious to miss out on! Rice bowls are an easy meal to throw together with whatever you can find in the kitchen. Like . They can be packed up and taken for lunch the next day, or you could even make a big batch of rice in advance to use throughout the week. If you take advantage of products like microwavable packs of rice or Trader Joe’s frozen rice, these recipes just get easier and easier. You can go with white rice, brown rice, , farro, or barley. Throw that bowl into a pan and then you have a stir fry. Overall, rice bowls are a win-win and need to have a song written about them. Here are a few of our favorites:

Need guidance with meal planning for your life? Do you need accountability challenging all or nothing thinking when it comes to your nutrition? Contact us at 301-474-2499.

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