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Corporate retreats are a great opportunity to brainstorm new ideas for your top executives, managers and staff. It's also a great way to promote team building exercises off site in a more relaxed peaceful environment.

Team Building Activities

We have designed all types of themes and competitive team building activities to strengthen the cohesiveness your group. Our creative fun ideas incorporate; leadership, problem solving skills, communication, mechanical skills, competition, respect, trust, strengthen bonds, collaboration, and more. The objective as a team is to always outperform your competitors and keep your company #1.

Professional and Personal Relationship Building Retreats

Shared values with like- minded people is the key to success! Friendships always comes first regardless of any type of relationship. Many business deals are developed simply by trust, one of the main ingredients that we need to build and maintain in a relationship. This retreat is highly recommended for Sales professionals to help increase your revenue, and the company's bottom line.

Rejuvenation Retreats

Are you on the verge of emotional and physical burnout? Do you suffer from fatigue, sleepless nights and lack of focus due to migraines? We all experience the balancing act in our everyday hectic lives. Learn chronic stress management techniques that can leave you feeling like you're on top of the world! Take your team out on a fabulous luxury spa time-out break. Experience body wraps, massages, nutrition consultations, yoga, tai chi, reiki, mineral baths, manicures, pedicures, meditation, etc. This will help boost employee morale and re-energize their mind, body, and soul. Not to mention, increasing productivity!

Physicians and Medical Students Depression Challenge Retreats

Physicians are you feeling depressed and under appreciated by your employers or colleagues? Are you over worked and not getting the proper sleep? Well it's time to take care of yourself and learn how to put yourself first! This retreat will help to retrain your brain to think more positively.

Medical students, are you feeling incompetent due to the pressure of residency? Do you have secret thoughts of suicide? Do you question your career choice? This retreat is designed to resuscitate you and bring you back to life! We can also teach you how to start your own support group. Your profession comes with high expectations from patients and colleagues. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Male physicians have a 70% higher suicide rate than males in other professions; female physicians die by suicide at a 400 % higher rate than females in other professions. This particular retreat is highly confidential among our professional retreat planners. Laughter is truly the best medicine!

Empowerment Retreats

Are you unable to make a decision, feeling helpless, low self-esteem or miserable? Do you suffer from chronic disease or illness? You're not alone, so don't get stuck in the pity party zone! It's time to break free from your own prison and receive your powerful life-changing transformation! This retreat is specifically designed for small groups in a breath taking beautiful setting. In efforts to provide individualized attention and support (we recommend a maximum group of 20). Take charge of your life and regain your power with our highly trained professionals. This is a safe and no judgment zone environment. Your voice will be heard and we can help you to improve the quality of your life.

Don't see the retreat you're looking for? No worries, we can customize a retreat just for your company needs.

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