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Our priority is to work towards protecting your corporate image by making sure that the employees are knowledgeable of the laws and best practices.

Recent studies have determined that corporations lose billions of dollars every year due to litigation, corruption and negative publicity related to domestic violence cases. We are positive that every organization wants to avoid what the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens recently experienced with one of their players.

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You.
Know the Law - Federal/State/Local and Policies.

What You Don't Do Can Destroy You.
Take Action / Make Public

"What I Don't See Can Endanger Me."
Need a Support System.

Don't ignore the harassment because you're simply "sweeping it under the rug."

Harassment builds up and becomes violence.
When one tolerates ongoing harassment, you open the door for abuse and/or violence to occur.

We go to work to make a living, and it's so ironic that approximately 36% of individuals die or become disabled annually due to workplace violence! What causes this? We spend such a large portion of our lives at work, the work environment should be a positive atmosphere.

It's not what you say; it's what you can prove that stands up in the court of law!

If it's not on the record, it did not happen -- even if it occurred!

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